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Create a Button Art Letter with our Button Artist bead and button packs!

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Button Art with Helen! She shows you how to create your own button letter art using our new product "The Button Artist". You can embellish anything with these and they are perfect for button crafts. These include matching beads and buttons which make them great for your button art masterpiece! We have 18 colors available along with embellishment packs… accents you can use to spice up your project at the end! Buy them online here: http://shop.buttonlovers.com/the-button-artist-s/2165.htm Please share with us what you create with these packs! We also recommend Aleen's Turbo Tacky glue. We have many buttons for sale on our website www.buttonlovers.com along with FREE SHIPPING on orders over $10. All orders ship from our warehouse in Lansing, IA (USA).
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Katrina Klapproth (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video. It helped me a lot. I would show you the finished result but I can’t seem to attach a photo to this comment.
Maino Shaikh (1 year ago)
Good job
Susan Lock (2 years ago)
Are those button packs available in the UK?

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