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Duran Duran - Save A Prayer (Official Live Video)

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The official Duran Duran video for "Save A Prayer (live)" from 1984's ARENA. Directed by Russell Mulcahy. Stream Duran Duran's greatest hits here ▶ https://duran.io/2GMNTzX Subscribe here ▶ https://duran.io/2xnWlGr Watch Duran Duran’s other official music videos ▶ https://duran.io/2J8R5Lf Socials: Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/duranduran Twitter | https://twitter.com/duranduran Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/duranduran Website| https://www.duranduran.com
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Text Comments (174)
Dave L (15 hours ago)
I didn't know George Michael sang backup on this song,
GST 86 (1 month ago)
Why did they show that chick twice, traying to get her lighter on !
Red Shoes (1 month ago)
I still have a mad crush on Simon. It was that face and that haircut that ruined me for all men. - I don’t know why I’m telling you people this. 👠👠
Linda H (1 month ago)
I saw them in Sydney they are so good live.
Sam Smith (1 month ago)
There are other members in this band right ? Camera men sucked
VanielDeeform (1 month ago)
Well and Simon's a superb front man and of course the lead singer, but no shots of the others at all 🤷🏻‍♂️
nadeem aslam (2 months ago)
Bumblebee brought me here
jordan delta (2 months ago)
Seeing them live in NOLA in 2 weeks, I'm beyond stoked! 🤩💯✔💋💜🧡💛💚💙❤💗✌😎😍⭐
Shooter McGavin (2 months ago)
Wish I could’ve been at that concert.
David Beckman (3 months ago)
God I miss the 80's ...
Edson Yachi Ancco (3 months ago)
Gran canción, me encanta esta banda y tengo 15
jupitorman (3 months ago)
Some people call it a one night stand but we call it paradise
Punit Srivastava (3 months ago)
Even in 2019 it feels like a fresh apple....💓💓
JumpSonic (4 months ago)
Amazing! Love this song and Duran Duran!
kawasaki whip two (4 months ago)
Anyone know where this concert for the video was held? Just curious....never mind, Oakland California. I googled it. 😁
nadeem aslam (1 month ago)
This was in Oakland??? And here I thought UK or Europe somewhere
kawasaki whip two (4 months ago)
Crazy,looking at all these kids in the audience knowing they're all in their early 50's now...like me.
TheJasonCombee76 (4 months ago)
When DD was biggest band in the World. Great memories..
Brazilian Kids Hits (4 months ago)
Will Salvatore (4 months ago)
Nostalgia ♡
Eril Burgos (5 months ago)
That bassline♥️♥️
Chiara (5 months ago)
This song always moves me.
Amélia Osório (5 months ago)
O meu amor platônico na adolescência 👄👄❤❤ A minha canção preferida 👏👏👏😍 THANK YOU Duran Duran , I love so much 👄❤
Cecília Alves (5 months ago)
música muito bonita.
Hard as a Rock (5 months ago)
Adrian Javier (6 months ago)
Si no me cbxnznznxnasouc cmxn nxnxn💍💑💌😜🌷⚘🌹🐩chanza know zcnmzm
World Music (6 months ago)
Stuck Boy (6 months ago)
Marianne Happ (6 months ago)
1984 was a freshman in high school and they were great
merdok merdok (6 months ago)
i remember in those years this band was number 1 in the world. it was madness. and now to see how only few watching this video compare to the shity music around ....
Anahi Ribeiro (7 months ago)
Hermosa musica 😍😘💕💕💔💘
Marzia Mucci (7 months ago)
Fabrício Assis MG (7 months ago)
It's my favorite live version ever and played on the brazilian radio stations in 1985, before the band release 'A View To A Kill'. I really miss the 80's
Luiz Carlos (7 months ago)
Eduardo Luiz (7 months ago)
Alguem 2018?
Ciera Rae (7 months ago)
I had the biggest crush on Simon when I was age 6+ Still hot.
Julie Colleran (7 months ago)
So crazy to look back and see the lighters come out! Just went to see Ed Sheeran in Seattle and everyone was using their cell phones. In NO WAY the same effect in my opinion! I’m glad I was a teen in the 80’s!
isabel cristina ramirez (7 months ago)
The fab five!!❤️❤️
John Roy (7 months ago)
too much bass guitar
John Roy (7 months ago)
bethoven? I think you were referring to Beethoven.
leonel2009ish (7 months ago)
Jajajaja anything else bethoven
Don Rogers (7 months ago)
My wife gets mad when I get drunk and end up at this very sweet song.
Anne Moudgil (7 months ago)
1984 Oakland Colisum😀
Marianne Happ (7 months ago)
1984 in Tampa I was in 9th grade
Lee (7 months ago)
And we all were young once...… SIMON :-D
Mirian Piettra (8 months ago)
Flavia Maria (8 months ago)
É muito bom ouvir essa música!
Antonio Tapia (8 months ago)
Tú me viste parado junto a la pared en la esquina de una calle principal Y las luces destellan en la repisa de tu ventana Completamente sola no es muy divertido entonces buscas entretenimiento y sabes justo lo que necesitas y a donde ir No guardes una oración para mi ahora Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana No, no digas una oración para mi ahora, Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Siente la profunda brisa en el interior mirá abajo dentro del vacío Sí tu puedes verás el mundo en todo su ímpetu Date una oportunidad (como todos los soñadores que no pueden encontrar otro camino.) Tú no tienes que soñarlo todo, sólo vive el día. No digas una oración para mi ahora Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana No, no digas una oración para mi ahora, Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana, Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Se ve muy bien el camino Intento contener las crecientes efusiones que llenan mi piel No me preguntes por qué Mantendré mi promesa Derretiré el hielo Y tú quisiste bailar así que te pedí bailar pero el temor está en tu alma Algunas personas lo llamarán encuentro de una noche pero nosotros podemos llamarlo paraíso No digas una oración para mi ahora Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana No no digas una oración para mi ahora Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Guárdala hasta el fin de la mañana Guarda una oración hasta el fin de la mañana.
Titian Topsy (8 months ago)
Utter gorgeousness!
a classica save a preyer maravilhosa
Bobby Arp (8 months ago)
Never ceases to amaze me.. 0:43 chills every time
Elaine Donadio (8 months ago)
Maravilhosos amo muito o tempo bom ♥️
Jonathan O'Meara (8 months ago)
fantastic just pushed the button for 1K likes
Carmem Oliveira (8 months ago)
Linda musica 😢👍
Patricia B. (8 months ago)
Глобально !!!💪💪💪💪
Daniel Marquis (9 months ago)
Those Synthesizers are phenomenal on this track! Hearing it live gives me goosebumps.
Derimmercan (9 months ago)
Isn‘t it crazy what this song can do with your feelings
Bart Lima (9 months ago)
I wish I was there. Great show!
Alma L. (9 months ago)
Imposible no emocionarse.Pasarán los años y ese sentimiento jamás se borrará.Os amo Duran Duran.Sois parte de mi vida. Gracias por existir🙏. Ay! Simon ❤enamorada de ti desde los 10 años.Tu voz!Todo tu!😀❤💚💛💙 Orgullosa de ser una duranie 😊. Un millón de gracias por compartirlo😘
Maria Carmen Sanchez (8 months ago)
Alma L. Hola , comparto contigo esos sentimientos , yo tenia 14 años , cuando los descubrí y desde entonces , aun hoy sigo siendo fiel a ellos . Larga vida , Duran Duran . Por siempre .
Larissa Rocha (9 months ago)
I love Duran Duran, my favorite music. 😍😍❤️🎸
Luc Acom (9 months ago)
Thank you!
Opinião Relevante (9 months ago)
Como é bom ver um show desse tempo...hj em dia é tanto smartphone na sua frente...vc nem curte o som e nem sente a música..
Handiyatri Siswoyo (9 months ago)
Paulo Gilvan (9 months ago)
beautiful ( brasil )
Manuela Marinoni (9 months ago)
Bellissima e bellissimo
Valber Santana Coelho (9 months ago)
Incredible music
MegaMikss (9 months ago)
"SAVE A PRAYER" 🔥❤️🔥 You saw me standing by the wall, Corner of a main street And the lights are flashing on your window sill All alone ain't much fun, So you're looking for the thrill And you know just what it takes and where to go Don't save a prayer for me now, Save it 'til the morning after No, don't say a prayer for me now, Save it 'til the morning after Feel the breeze deep on the inside, Look you down into the well If you can, you'll see the world in all his fire Take a chance (Like all dreamers can't find another way) You don't have to dream it all, just live a day Don't say a prayer for me now, Save it 'til the morning after No, don't say a prayer for me now, Save it 'til the morning after Save it 'til the morning after, Save it till the morning after Pretty looking road, Try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin Don't ask me why I'll keep my promise, I'll melt the ice And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance But fear is in your soul Some people call it a one night stand But we can call it paradise Don't say a prayer for me now, Save it 'til the morning after No, don't say a prayer for me now, Save it 'til the morning after Save it 'til the morning after Save it 'til the morning after Save it 'til the morning after Save it 'til the morning after Save a prayer 'til the morning after .... БРАВО ЗАУВЕК / BRAVO FOREVER !!! 🖤❤️🖤 Hails from the bottom of too many Serbian Hearts...Hails from your Belgrade and Serbia ❤️🇷🇸
Vale Cata (9 months ago)
Carlos T (9 months ago)
back to the eighties
Larissa Magar (9 months ago)
Regina Santos (9 months ago)
Quando a música começa já se lembra de como é ótima de ouvir🎶🌹🎶
MW Videos (7 months ago)
Exato curto musicas assim apesar de não ser nem nascido nesse tempo ainda prefiro as músicas antigas do que as de hoje.
Clodoaldo Brito (9 months ago)
Isso é música POP de qualidade.
felipe de oliveira alves (9 months ago)
quem foi o retardado q deu deslike?
Rick 80's-90's (9 months ago)
peartfaldo (9 months ago)
Would love to have a full raw cd of this.  There are clips on YT that sound so much better than this
andre luiz (9 months ago)
Juçara Aquino (9 months ago)
Monica Zepeda (9 months ago)
Simón Le Bon, 😍 era muy atractivo y guapo de joven mmmm suspiro.
MrMarukas86 (9 months ago)
This is the best song from duran duran in my opinion
juzadellenuvole (20 days ago)
Yes you have reason!
Hayden Wittig (4 months ago)
Me too cheers beautiful flow this song very atmospheric.
cookie craft (9 months ago)
Love Duran2.One of my favorities songs.Come to Greece again.Mary.☺💓💓💓👍👍👍
Пиранья (9 months ago)
Бьютифол! Ник реальный вурдалак!Не...?
Damar Fulmore (9 months ago)
This version really takes me back to the good old days of watching MTV. Thank you for posting this
taddeo niko (9 months ago)
indimenticabili! di generazione in generazione 👍👍
Rif2020 (9 months ago)
Such beauty...the song, the video, them....everything 💋❤️❤️❤️💎
Georgia Duran Duran (9 months ago)
Cinzia Pucci (9 months ago)
Biutiful Simon Lebon Save a Prayer Pucci Cinzia😀😀😀😀😀😀
Tommy Varekai (9 months ago)
would love to see footage from the strange behaviour tour uploaded
Gildo Santana (9 months ago)
melhor banda de todos os tempos
Erre Gi (9 months ago)
Once upon a time there was a world made out of dreams
trijntje klement (9 months ago)
Thank you for this video bring the good time have a wonderful summer
celeste71 71 (9 months ago)
Bellissima 😍❤...Ma quanto mia s fatto sognare una delle più belle..grazie 😘
cesar Domingos (9 months ago)
Ah, Saudades !!
Toni Remer (9 months ago)
This song literally saved my life. I was severely abused, and I couldn't take it much more, so I thought that if I died, I wouldn't have to suffer the pains any longer. I took my mom's .38 from her drawer, went into my bedroom sat on my bed, facing my mirror, put the gun in my mouth and was about to pull the trigger. That's when my radio turned on, by itself, and this song just started playing on B96, Chicago's radio station. I sat there with the gun in my hand, staring at myself in the mirror, and I had this warm feeling that someone was watching over me. I sat there crying. When the song finished, I put the gun back in my mom's drawer. I still was abused until the age of 17, but I remembered that one day, and I grew stronger for it. I never got the chance to see them in the 80s or the 90s, but I did see them when they toured celebrating their 28th anniversary in 2006. We were supposed to have met them and even bought the VIP tickets, which costed over $300 a pop. I was heartbroken, because I never got the chance to thank them. I know...I know that it sounds clichè, but they really did save my life. In January of 1988, my mother's boyfriend kicked me out of the house, because I refused to tear down my Duran Duran posters ( which 2 were signed by the band ), I was not going to tear them down because I was a good kid; I never gave my mom any trouble, I got straight A's and high B's, I did my chores without being told to do them, I did my sister's chores so that we didn't get beaten, I helped out my mom with cooking/ironing/laundry, and kept my mouth shut, but that wasn't good enough. I was kicked out of the house at 8:30pm, -20° F, and all I could take was the clothes on my back. I took whatever I could carry and was forced to leave the rest, which he burnt. It was about 3 weeks later ( I was still going to school but living in a God awful shelter, which I didn't sleep much because of the roaches crawling over you, the heat was shut off at night, and I took ice cold showers), I was in my math class, and my teacher gasped when she saw how pale I was, my cheeks were a bright red, I couldn't stop shivering, and I was very weak to the point where I couldn't lift my pencil. She sent me to the nurse's office and she informed the principal that I had a fever of a 104.7°, and the principal called my mom, then called me into her office. As soon as I saw my mom sitting there looking panicked, turned to walk out; the principal asked for me please come in and sit down, which I begrudgingly did as I was told. She asked why was I coming to school sick, and I began crying, telling her that I was kicked out because of the Duran Duran posters. She was not very happy with my mom. She asked my mom why shouldn't she notify the police and inform them that she neglected me from day one, and my mom begged her not to, and she would take care of it. When we got back home, I fell asleep until her boyfriend came home from work, and I was made to sit and look at him. She said that he can no longer dictate what I can or cannot have because I never caused trouble and that if I wanted to, I can press charges against them both. I was given the basement apartment and allowed to have whatever I wanted hanging up. When she told me what he had done to my Duran Duran things, I wanted to choke him to death. I wasn't ever able to get back what I lost, and I'm still angry about that.
Asha Fernandez (7 days ago)
This helped me through some sad times as well, but wow..........
drbilldc (16 days ago)
Shooter McGavin exactly!!
Shooter McGavin (2 months ago)
I’m moved by your story, and I will never listen to this song the same again. Thank you for sharing.
Marcus Fistarol (5 months ago)
Get rid of everything and start a new Life...
Eril Burgos (5 months ago)
Glad that you were saved by music!!!🙏🏾
Cidineia. Silva (9 months ago)
Davied lebonnie7 (9 months ago)
Im not for bein around much longer due to long ilness ! This is the song im bowing out to ,, my final curtain call...iakes me to my youth! What i was doin in 82! When THIS was released were such happy times 😎🎶🎵
techv timber (9 months ago)
o dear
pako senpai (9 months ago)
Omg!!!! That’s exciting :v :v
Pako Vazkez (9 months ago)
Excelente y gran canción. De mis favoritas. Gracias por compartirla.
Brigas e Tretas (9 months ago)
I love this music!
Greg Ingram (9 months ago)
i watched the Arena video = literally over a hundred times = what a nostalgia blast. Duran Duran were and still are fantastic.
Rodrigo Matheus (9 months ago)
Love, love, love Duran Duran. Brazil
Chaley Hinson (9 months ago)
My 💗beats on
Matt Ma (9 months ago)
When fans used naked light instead of LED screen...... How touching......
Astronaut2005 (9 months ago)
Great memories!!
angie hofmann (9 months ago)
After 30 years, I was lucky enough to see this live in San Francisco...it was all I imagined! Thank you Duran Duran.🎤👏🏾💕
Jodi Sevigny (9 months ago)
I always listened to this beautiful song with my dear Mother. Today is the 29th anniversary of her death, and I'm watching this as a tribute to her. I miss you Mom, forever. ❤

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