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Yoga Etiquette for Men

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What do I wear to class? What do I bring? What if I sweat a whole bunch? Where do I place my mat? Can I talk during class? How early do I need to get there? Everything you need to know for your first class! www.melanielainewilliams.com
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Alfred Neuman (29 days ago)
I am surprised that no one has criticized this video by calling out and protesting gender distinctions for clothing. I think there should be gender distinctions in clothing, including for yoga, but that opinion is being criticized today with some of the sensitive and easily "triggered" people out there.
Melanie Williams (11 days ago)
Alfred Neuman maybe it’s because I clearly say that men are welcome to wear whatever they want and they can wear the same as the females if they want and then go on to describe what is typically worn. Clearly I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do or wear, the whole point of the video is to point out what is typically done so that men will feel less uncomfortable in a female dominated activity
Mark Silva (4 months ago)
Thank you for the video. All I've found on the internet is women complaining about men doing yoga. This was very positive, thank you!
Anhad Singha (4 months ago)
Where can i get genital guard for men that's comfortable to wear while doing yoga?
Ricky Fulbrook (5 months ago)
Thanks I needed to hear this
John Russell (5 months ago)
wear whatever you want!
Julio Olive (6 months ago)
I didnt have any questions at all jeez.. this lady gives me anxiety.
tangoflasher (8 months ago)
I wouldn't want to come to one of your yoga classes. I find you quite patronising. The problem is with yoga classes in the west is that women think they have the Monopoly on it because when you walk into a yoga class is used for the women and they look at men with a look of arrogance and trust me that emanates from the yoga teacher herself. Get a life you stupid woman
Melanie Williams (7 months ago)
I'm sorry you have had bad experiences. I do find myself patronising at times. I probably should have made clear that this is for the very first timers who feel apprehensive. Most of the guys out there already know all this stuff.
Cosmic Lotus (11 months ago)
First off just show up. Not enough men practice yoga.
MrHoppers002 (5 months ago)
because for some reason in the west in athletics it's not emphasized enough to stretch for men. That should be emphasized much more.
Jer Read (1 year ago)
Melanie—- this was great—- thankyou
Justin Mail (1 year ago)
Humans don't sweat out toxins. This is a myth. Please go educate yourself. https://uamshealth.com/healthlibrary2/medicalmyths/canyousweattoxinsoutofyourbody/
Virgil Nanaquawetung (1 year ago)
How about not leering at all the beautiful women? Posing in the middle at the back provides the most profitable scenery for a man. All the beautiful women dogging it downward is quite distracting and could make you a spectacle with the obvious gawking. Personally, this would be the greatest deterrent, as I would have no problem with poses and the heat.
Sissa M (1 year ago)
Would it be acceptable for a man to go commando to yoga class? Sorry kind of a weird question but I will be attending a class soon and I don’t own any undies.
Mark Silva (4 months ago)
No there's a guy at my studio who's junk hangs out of his shorts. Your in very vulnerable position's and your penis will come out.
William Elliott (1 year ago)
Yoga teachers are generally hotties!
Sean (1 year ago)
What happens if someone farts? It happened in my class and it sent me into a spasm as I rolled about on the mat trying not to laugh
Melanie Williams (7 months ago)
Everyone asks me this, I actually made a second video about this because it comes up so often. Believe it or not, its just not a big deal :) :)
Viktor (1 year ago)
Just fat it all out
Ian Mann (1 year ago)
Baggy shirts and loose cotton trousers are ideal for men and women. listening to this post though sounds like preparation for hot yoga.
mark elliott (1 year ago)
sadly men have forgotten  yoga was initially for men
Terry B (3 months ago)
Yeah man that’s correct, in India females were not allowed to even take part back in the day.
MrHoppers002 (5 months ago)
in india i'm sure they haven't forgotten. The problem is in the west you see more women being represented in yoga so it causes a distorted perception.
Jeffrey Gillespie (2 years ago)
Thanks, Melanie, I couldn't find anything for men and then I found this!
O M (2 years ago)
Buy a mic
sloWEgo (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tips Melanie! :D
salvatoreStonelliAgain (2 years ago)
WOW! SMARTEST ADVICE I HEARD. after listening to several "what to wear / bring to yoga class" all tangents. just b/4 i gave up i ran into this vid. thanks for actually addressing the issues. classy.

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