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How To Make Saucer Beads Out Of Recycled Paper

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Learn how to make saucer beads out of strips of recycled magazines. Blog : http://www.jennys-arts.blogspot.com Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/JennysArtsAndCrafts/ Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ThePaperBeadPrincess
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Text Comments (23)
Olga Mul (12 days ago)
Laura Rees (1 month ago)
What a wonderful. Camera placement was perfect and you seemed to be very prepared.
R H (2 months ago)
So cute I love it
Vicky Bell (3 months ago)
Excellent video, thank you for sharing ❤️
justme33126 (3 months ago)
Great video. Thank you!
Knotty But Crafty (4 months ago)
i really would love to try this PLEASE PLEASE were can i get that bead roller you are using
Knotty But Crafty I can’t remember the name of the seller but if you search Etsy or Google for “paper bead rollers” you’re sure to find a set you like.
J'adore cette video de perles qui sont facile a fait les creation tros bien mercirs continuers
Knotty But Crafty (5 months ago)
were can you fine that bead roller from would love to get one
Gilda Barreto (5 months ago)
Ciao!!! Dal Italia!Complimenti! Bellissimi! Creerò collane,con i ciondoli che mi hai insegnato,proverò a venderle x mantenere gli Animali che abbiamo salvato nel nostro Rifugio. GRAZIE! <3
Emmee Tureaud (7 months ago)
Such a great tutorial 👍😁
Muy didáctico, congratulations!
Kari Ann (11 months ago)
How long is this paper? I tried to make one with regular size magazine papers and it did not look like that. Lol
Kari Ann it's just a standard size magazine. Maybe you need to add extra layers? :)
Pattyanne Deveau (1 year ago)
Karen Escalera (1 year ago)
Great job. Thanks for sharing.
M. M. SCOTT (1 year ago)
thanks for getting in close on the beads so I can see what you are doing.
Natividad Vila Torres (1 year ago)
magnifico, gracias... estuve buscando un tutorial que me enseñara esto.
Jane Rios (1 year ago)
excellent demonstration/tutorial...thankyou.
Chandra McDaniel (1 year ago)
Superb, just looked at your quadruple bead vid, freak in awesome been looking for these exact how to videos for years love making paper beads. You rocked it.
Heena Goyal (1 year ago)
Hey very nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing. ☺

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