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Duran Duran ''Save a Prayer'' HD

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Duran Duran - "Save a Prayer" Official music video - High definition HD (1982) Lyrics: You saw me standing by the old Corner of the main street And the lights are flashing on your window sill All alone ain't much fun So you're looking for the thrill And you know just what it takes and where to go Don't say a prayer for me now Save it 'til the morning after No, don't say a prayer for me now Save it 'til the morning after Feel the breeze deep on the inside Look you down into your well If you can, you'll see the world in all his fire Take a chance Like all dreamers can't find another way You don't have to dream it all, just live a day Don't say a prayer for me now, Save it 'til the morning after No, don't say a prayer for me now Save it 'til the morning after Save it 'til the morning after Save it till the morning after Pretty looking road, Try to hold the rising floods that fill my skin Don't ask me why I'll keep my promise Melt the ice And you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance But fear is in your soul Some people call it a one night stand But we can call it paradise
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Text Comments (222)
Diogo Gevaerd (13 days ago)
Top música, vídeo clipe, já tinha visto anos atrás mais é sempre bom rever e ouvir ✌🏼🎶😎
Paul Darling (1 month ago)
Considering this song was written for Marvin Gaye. But the girl is stunning
Luis Donado (5 months ago)
It would've been great if the video followed a theme because it's basically only one person and it gets sort of monotonous even though she's pretty to look at :-)
rafffa26 (6 months ago)
Since when the meanderings of a bored cow make up for the original video?
Sam Hain (7 months ago)
Great vid & song!
Victor Alvarez (9 months ago)
Epic boobs.
Azar Abbas (9 months ago)
In today's world, I can hardly find a song worth listening to let alone loving it so such a degree that I loved 80s songs and to some extent 90s songs.
Anibal (1 year ago)
Enchanting Peruvian beauty. Video does justice to the song. Love it!!!
Joe Mel (1 year ago)
minicopilot1 (1 year ago)
Timo (1 year ago)
Ur old
mansoldworld (1 year ago)
Man you really got in love. This is not official.
Ortwin Schell (1 year ago)
linda gata
Hermosa canción🎶
Magnus Christianssen (1 year ago)
I think I liked the other video better. More realistic.
fraank 1980 (1 year ago)
stewart jones (1 year ago)
funny how time changes your view likes dislikes, I'm into heavy rock play heavy riffs but the more I listen to this the more I like it and must admit love the video stunningly beautiful girl.
thomas jester (1 year ago)
great song and hot girl love her by the pool
Christian Costa (2 years ago)
Beautiful woman, great song
Eric Cotter (2 years ago)
She is gorgeous good for her :)
driedtoast12 (2 years ago)
fake news, fake videos
Luis Fernando Rincon (2 years ago)
the best song and girl.bogota colombia.ok.dd.bay.luis.
Rivix123 (1 year ago)
Luis Fernando Rincon Alpha 'will
Richard Wang (1 year ago)
Luis Fernando Rincon Rica!
davied lebonnie 7 (2 years ago)
Who cares if its not the original video ! Its all done in a duran style and in good taste X
Masa Petrovic (2 years ago)
This is my favourite song ❤❤❤
Do Viet (2 years ago)
Lost all the meaning and depth of the original video. One was about spiritual awakening with indigenous group of gentle soul from a far away land. It was a symbol of bridging the gap between western and eastern civilization....This is one is about.., Well, tits and ass. Real clever.
KaiserSoze3939 (2 years ago)
not the video....
mathamore dan (2 years ago)
who was that beauty in the video ?
Ra TA (2 years ago)
the 80s had more good music, it had crap like mikey and buttercrap etc but more POETRY MUSIC
zx spectrum (2 years ago)
This is not official video m8, change description. This video is so retarded..
squeeth (2 years ago)
Imagine how much more gorgeous she is now. ;o))
Joseph Brockhaus (2 years ago)
save till the morning after.
Per Augustenborg (2 years ago)
jose carlos seixas (2 years ago)
Pensei que ia ficar tosco seu clip mais me enganei, ficou bacana mesmo, parabéns!
ferro neles Ramos (2 years ago)
Muito boa música
Carl Capps (2 years ago)
dang I'm old😆
Gajah Abuh (2 years ago)
hey stop talking bout my ex gf
Diether Bekaert (2 years ago)
Who is she ???
Felix Norman (2 years ago)
what saves this chick is that body!
Lauro Sanchez Aquino (2 years ago)
Creo la mujer de mis sueños se encuentra en ese video
matt campbell (2 years ago)
The 80s were unforgettable.....
Dave W (1 year ago)
The 80s did have some hard periods, though, where jobs were hard to get. 1982 comes to mind. Anyway, earlier, I'd asked if we have new '80s style songs' anymore? I said that I don't know about country, but I like some 'club/trance' (ex. Laura Aqui - After Dark or any Emma Hewitt). Elsewhere, someone mentioned Retrowave music.
mathamore dan (2 years ago)
its was in england by the way..
350toocute (2 years ago)
I agree the 80`s where the beast along with the 90`s.I wish I could turn back time.They never had what`s going on today in America back then.Life was so laid back then.Jobs where plentifull.Women where real back then.
Peter G (2 years ago)
What a beautiful woman. I went to college with someone who looked very much like her in the early 90s
Cachorrera Games (2 years ago)
Nintendo Wii version lol
Don Rogers (2 years ago)
ty .. I was "boy scout" and was never molested, we had cool people.this video looks like "club med" ...isolation, for a woman.the question is... would she change?
Jef de Pijper (3 years ago)
THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO, the original was filmed in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and much much better
ilijapfa (3 years ago)
aynbody knows the location of filming?
davied lebonnie 7 (2 years ago)
Lisette Lopez Lovely song to make love to X
ilijapfa (2 years ago)
thank you so much! a beautiful video and a beautifull girl for an even more beautiful song! :) I have a friend in Lima she got married over there!
Lisette Lopez Melgar (2 years ago)
I'm the girl of the video... was in Perú.
350toocute (2 years ago)
I believe it was in Rio.They most of their videos in rio.
Lisette Lopez Melgar (2 years ago)
Its "Tarapoto" peruvian jungle.
davied lebonnie 7 (3 years ago)
A beautiful woman with a beatifull song :)
MAY777ABLE (2 years ago)
WHoooosshhh seen in the sky ?
davied lebonnie 7 (2 years ago)
MAY777ABLE Well if i could of listened to the Rio album in 1983 in the bahamas , i dont think i'd need any dreams hopes or fantasys after Xperiencing that Whooooshhh !!!!!
MAY777ABLE (2 years ago)
Missing the 80's my friend I would have enjoyed seeing Duran Live Yes - 1983 was a unbelievable year in the Bahamas for me *
davied lebonnie 7 (2 years ago)
MAY777ABLE you got aclectic taste like me ! Seen black Sabbath twice and Duran 14 times including Villa park 1983 ! Got a coach from manchester 😉😆☺ X
MAY777ABLE (2 years ago)
aah - back to the future
bobby cooper (3 years ago)
why Did they end the song with her looking into the camera you know what I'm done son
bobby cooper (3 years ago)
I'm sorry but don't get the message in this song the video is plain lame
mizahel medina (3 years ago)
who cares is this the oficial video or not, still is a great song.
linda stella (3 years ago)
A Special Song From a Time This Song Is Oddly Scripted-Like a Soundtrack from a Place in Time....; ) Everyone's got at least one. I've got at least a dozen this one is close to my heart...
waltinho cardoso (3 years ago)
Este não é o vídeo original!!!!
Alex Fernandes (2 years ago)
gostaria muito de assistir o vídeo original por favor sou muito fã.mais agora que descobri o gênio quê inventou o YouTube...
Franklin Alberto (3 years ago)
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk official video 😂😂😂😂😂
hellsing48 (3 years ago)
This is not an Official video, don't lie in description!
Steve Jones (2 years ago)
it's not, it's to bait the sick/lost youth of the great religion we all know, how sad
Marc Freedman (3 years ago)
This is a very beautiful woman to dream about. I do get one message clear from this video. The look on her face tells me that she is plain tired of everyone staring at her body. Yes she has scrumptious boobs, her behind looks so good and her feet and toes. She walked into the church to pray for either a good man or to be left alone.
Stuart L (2 years ago)
The boat race is not all that though.
Mat Muckle (3 years ago)
check the official video shot in Sri Lanka
White Stuff (3 years ago)
l like it actually l love it ,buen trabajo excellente.
Ada Dawn (3 years ago)
errrr..... original video my a$$! and the lirycs are wrong! poor DD.....
Ernestina Garetti (3 years ago)
This video is a giant fake... I feel bad for Duran Duran. The only wonderfull thing in this video it's the song XD!
cominroitover80 (3 years ago)
+Ernestina Garetti I prefer it actually
GCS_MCMLXXI (3 years ago)
The official video of your girlfriend hahaha
sizzling slovak (3 years ago)
my angel sandy god blissed me with in 7 hours from now ill be walking from tampa bay area flordia united states to odessa ukraine my longest walk ever yet to my goal road home save a prayer if i surrvive this task givin to me ill make it home in 4 years from now this is sandys bet im in amem im being tested earth pray for me ill be sussesful
sizzling slovak (3 years ago)
ukraine anistasia date team im coming home
F -André (3 years ago)
everything bad except the synth arp :)
Brian Lefever (3 years ago)
I think I like this better than official.
Luciano Bugarin (3 years ago)
que morena gata demais!!!!
Luciano Bugarin (2 years ago)
ah sim. mas tem interesse em trabalhos de atriz? sou cineasta independente. se quiser da uma olhada no meu canal. tem curtas q realizei. flw!
Luciano Bugarin (2 years ago)
Vc é atriz?
Luciano Bugarin (2 years ago)
de nada! Você é ela?
I-Vision (3 years ago)
the bass of this song omg.......something crazy!
antokindness (3 years ago)
The official video :) ...it is very good indeed, thanks for this post!
antokindness (3 years ago)
+Hese Kautiainen I thank you...but i knew this is video is NOT official  (do you see the :)..?)...I am a Duran Duran fans since 1984. I appreciate your input btw. Cheers.
Hese Kautiainen (3 years ago)
+antokindness this is the original and official https://youtu.be/jThGT2pUWf0
Hese Kautiainen (3 years ago)
+antokindness original and official video is from the 80's and filmed in Sri Lanka. This video is not the official
Carlos Alberto (3 years ago)
Boa noite a todos , sei que cada época é uma mais diferente da outra em relação as músicas ,,mais eu nunca trocaria as antigas internacionais românticas por nada ,,pode ate não estar mais fazendo sucesso como antigamente nas rádios e televisões ..,,mais eu admiro a quem curte e tem nos seus sites etc...  um pouco delas ,,não tem comparação ;;é o meu forte todas estas músicas neste estilo ..parabéns pra todos que não as deixam cair no fundo do esquecimento ..shou de bola ..fiquem na paz ...
Candido Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Voce tem toda a razao, melhor epoca romantica vivida,melhores musicas, grandes cantores,foi uma bencao ter sido jovem nos anos "80"
kabeça tavares (2 years ago)
Melhor fase da música romântica foi essa mano. Fomos privilegiados de vivê-la.
djsujeevan (4 years ago)
Sri Lanka...the of beauty. lovely video, beautiful woman, my fav track.
djsujeevan (3 years ago)
+Mt. Meru Arts and Music hey you are damn right about that...naa i dont watch brit movies... 
+djsujeevan sorry but I think most Sri Lankan women are a lot prettier than this lady. You must have be watching too many British movies. : (
shea gemini (4 years ago)
Who are they foolin'!! Where is DURAN DURAN ?#ILOVETHE80s!
javikrau (4 years ago)
Official music video my ass!
ypsima1 (1 year ago)
javikrau lol ikr
Martin Hugh (1 year ago)
Yep - these wankers who tag everything "Official" are starting to piss me off!
Piotr Lukomski (4 years ago)
Number ONE of. Duran Duran
Dinastía Chow Fan (4 years ago)
Inca Kola
Yuki Egawa (4 years ago)
great song but the description is misleading.  this is not the official music video.
Mr. Chip (4 years ago)
I always thought this song did better on the charts
Oscar Salinas (4 years ago)
Tara .. Que ?  Que Vainas Es Eso ?
Paul King (4 years ago)
Well shot video to an awesome track (one of my life listers) and the girls name is.......?  :D
D XD (4 years ago)
Why the fuck did you put an ugly, flat ass indian bitch on a video to ruin one of the best songs made by the greatest band ever?
stewart jones (2 years ago)
D XD yes I do. go and play.
lionel john (2 years ago)
You dont know what country I'm from. Anyway you lame.. I'm outta here homo
stewart jones (2 years ago)
D XD your right I am homo sapien if you know what that means you dull Uneducated moron that's why we ruled your country. you proberly don't even know how to use yours.
D XD (2 years ago)
Yeah ok whatever you say homo
stewart jones (2 years ago)
D XD haha really I'm your worst fuckin nightmare.
maggie (4 years ago)
Incredibly irritated! Not a Duran Duran video! This is some skank using Duran Duran to show off..... lame... so lame!
Sergey Magell (4 years ago)
Awesome Band & Good Time !
Allegro Moderato (4 years ago)
Allegro Moderato (4 years ago)
hey my friend, try this group of mine for more best 80s and tx for the video of duran duran, by the way do you accidently know the name of the girl on the video :) cheers 
HashTag .CR (1 year ago)
Excelente y la chica bellísima!!
Bob Americana (4 years ago)
i  did  so many  duran  girls  back  then-  i  was  a  kid  myself-  it  was  a  new  world  to  us
Faoladh (4 months ago)
RIP The Undiscovered Country.
Tim Hardy (4 years ago)
Love the video. Thank u!!!
avgrim77 (4 years ago)
Who's this hoe? This isn't the official video! Fucking Liars!
Thom Cate (4 years ago)
Such bullshit.  SO Not "official" video.
Miguel Klav (4 years ago)
Beautifull interpretation of the girl on the video. She's sexy and combines with Duran Duran Save a Prayer music!
Happy Gorilla (4 years ago)
what is the girl name ?
Tim Hodges (4 years ago)
That is 1 sexy video!
aimee mader (4 years ago)
Wonderful lyrics!!!
aimee mader (4 years ago)
TheURBAN FANBOY (4 years ago)
Not the real Video :[
Clay Sturgeon (4 years ago)
Earl, wonderful job. beautiful young lady, location. not official video but just as good TY.
PhysioA (4 years ago)
Its not the official music video. What a lie...shame on you
George Schmidt (4 years ago)
Beautiful - video/woman/execution/song!
hosey (5 years ago)
this song takes me right back to the early eighties.  what a great time in my life.
George M (5 years ago)
We all glorify the past.  I bet it wasn't that 'great'
Francisco Lázaro (5 years ago)
I need to know WHO IS THIS WOMAN????!!! Please! 
Amazing vid
Judy Bou (5 years ago)
Very good video to my favorite Duran Duran song. Well done!

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