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BeadsFriends: bead flowers for beginners - Daisy chain - DIY ring, bracelet, necklace

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Text Comments (13)
Achere Oben (1 year ago)
This is amazing. Most tutorials I used didn't make my work look neat but this one really does. Thanks a million 💃🏽
Craft Buzz (1 year ago)
so beautiful design
Debbie Johnston (1 year ago)
Craft Buzz 468 Old Cherokee Rd
Cecilia Robins (3 years ago)
So cute, thank you so much I liked.
Sara Spoltore (3 years ago)
+Cecilia Robins thank you Cecilia!
Stormbrise (3 years ago)
I just love listening to you, you have such a cute and happy English accent. Watching your videos makes me smile and teaches me a trick or two. Thanks for the refresher on the daisy chain.
Sara Spoltore (3 years ago)
+Stormbrise Thank you! :)
Jeanne Hinrichs (3 years ago)
so simple yet so pretty
Sara Spoltore (3 years ago)
+Jeanne Hinrichs yes, it is!
Coleen Taylor (3 years ago)
thank you very much for your tutorials and once again I love the close-ups you make it so we can see every move and Stitch you're making and your English is superb <3
Sara Spoltore (3 years ago)
+Coleen Taylor thank you! :)
julliana2ify (3 years ago)
Lovely thank you for sharing this beadwork..Blessings Your work is very beautiful I have been a subscriber to your channel for many years
Sara Spoltore (3 years ago)
+julliana2ify thank you very much!

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