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THE KING OF SWEET FRAGRANCES? | Tonka Fragrance Battle

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THE KING OF SWEET FRAGRANCES? | Tonka Fragrance Battle In the world of gourmand fragrances, tonka has quickly become one of the most popular notes. It is found in many sweet fragrances for women and men. Tonka Imperiale and Feve Delicieuse are some of the most notorious tonka perfumes on the market, and I also find them quite similar. Which one do I like better, and more importantly, what's your take on both? Also, shout-outs to The Office! More specifically shout-out to Michael Scott. All credit goes to NBC Universal Television Distribution for that Office clip I used. If you have yet to check out the J-ROYL Facebook group, please do! There is daily bonus content on there in addition to an excellent, positive community that loves fragrances as much as I do! • Facebook - http://facebook.com/groups/jroyl • Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/j_royl/ • Snapchat - http://www.snapchat.com/add/j-royl • Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/roylplay #jroyl #fragrance
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Text Comments (31)
Mr Sillage (11 months ago)
... And the winner is..... *MYRRH* *&* *TONKA!* 😉😂🤣
Mr Sillage (11 months ago)
J-ROYL you know that fragrance is my life blood!! 👑 😂🤣
J-ROYL (11 months ago)
Mr Sillage THIS GUYYYYY 😂😂😂😍❤️💩
Ulyana Heward (2 months ago)
Loved the review !!! I totally agree- it’s a niche if I ever saw one 😂😂 I have a sample of Tonka and I feel it’s pretty linear on me. I do get the incense which I love and maybe even tobacco now that you mention it.. if I really try to smell it in there.. maybe, but no greenness. The bummer is that it becomes a skin scent on me literally within 15 min. My hot skin tends to eat scents like a MOFO 😞 I have heard that Feve was basically a clone with better performance, in fact most people here on YouTube say that Feve changes and Tonka is linear... I guess it’s all very subjective. I need to order a Feve sample to decide which to commit to in the form of a FB 🤪
Arnold Arnoldsson (5 months ago)
ANd if you compare feve VS Dior Homme parfum! Which one would you go for? According to your personal opinion?
J-ROYL (5 months ago)
Arnold Arnoldsson I’d love to help you out, but they’re extremely different frags! 😅
Arnold Arnoldsson (5 months ago)
Question! Tonka fragrance imperial compared to Dior Homme Parfum! Which one do you like better? For now: "Gooood byeeeeeeee" lmao! Look forward to hearing from you!
Kilo Gone (8 months ago)
I like Cuir Beluga more than TI
J-ROYL (8 months ago)
+Kilo Gone same lol
Fredo InDallas (11 months ago)
love the vids but i have to side with fd...nothing wrong with different opinions and despite the prevailing thought that fd isn't versatile i wear it whenever i feel like it. i did buy the 250 ml bottle...
OdinIsYourFather (11 months ago)
I got both and i also think TI is the better scent.
Lara Anderson (11 months ago)
I like the Tonka Imperial better as the Feve wears as a generic sweetness on my skin.
Ritankar Sasmal (11 months ago)
dont like feve...so annoyingly cloying! and yes it doesn't change... hv to try tonka imp though...
CEOLIFE TODAY (11 months ago)
Tonka Imperial vs Pure Tonka? Killer video as always brother!
The King of Games (11 months ago)
Private line does not mean niche it's still designer but whatever it is a mute point it's not a hill I want to die on Xd
W Wade (6 months ago)
clearly it is you lame stupid nitpicking phaggot
Kingdom Athlete (11 months ago)
I know nothing about either one of these fragrances so I am just here to show support and get a good dose of funny from J-Royl
Ahmed Mostafa (11 months ago)
Not yet try tonka imperial, but I love Fève Délicieuse.
Tim Dasilva (11 months ago)
guerlain tonka imperiale over Feve. word great battle
Frank Katsaros (11 months ago)
Almost embarrassed to say.... but haven't tried either. Woe is me.
Kai Heng Hong (11 months ago)
Before I watch this video, I already know which one James is gonna choose. Tonka Imperiale will win.
J-ROYL (11 months ago)
Kai Heng Hong you cheated!!
Kai Heng Hong (11 months ago)
ahmad sameer (11 months ago)
Your reviews are awesome man...keep`em coming :-)
ahmad sameer (11 months ago)
I have a sample of Feve Delicious...haven't tried Tonka Imperial
Wet Shaving Fraghead (11 months ago)
I have 10ML of FD which may last be a while since its strong and doesn't have a ton of regular wear situations. I like it a lot. Never tried TI but was always curious about the comparison. Great video. TI's cousin SDV is heaven on earth.
J-ROYL (11 months ago)
Wet Shaving Fraghead TI and SDV are mineeeee
edward gurango (11 months ago)
I think I remember someone saying that Feve Delicieuse means something else...!
pandora p (11 months ago)
Not a fan of FD. Never tried Tonka Imperiale but very much interested now bec of your video. Thx!
Alexandru Satir (11 months ago)
Love them both!!!❤️❤️❤️Imo,Tonka Imperiale it‘s a little powdery,compared to Feve!
Jerzy Danielewicz (11 months ago)
Haven't smelled any of those. But Tonka Imerial's note breakdown sounds more interesting.

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