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Fragrance Review 10 : Guerlain's Eau de Cologne Impériale

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The very first fragrance from the house of Guerlain! Launched in 1853, it predates the first modern perfume, Jicky, by 36 years. Arguably the longest continually produced scent ever. But also one of the shortest lasting, so be forewarned!
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lepuslady (3 months ago)
So enjoyed your video! Excellent description. Elegant delivery. Do you have a bottle of Mitsouko? Would love to hear your view on it. Thank-you.
domperrier (1 month ago)
+Cabernet King Can part with it for 89.Tell me if you're interested!
Cabernet King (1 month ago)
domperrier Oh I’m sure! But it’s what was available. How much are you selling yours for?
domperrier (1 month ago)
+Cabernet King The new bottles are tacky , cheap-looking & are poor imitations of the thick glass flacons of the originals. I know because I purchased a similar one of Mouchoir de Monsieur recently in 2012 & the tackiness of the bottle almost overwhelmed my pleasure with the scent itself! It's like delicious soup watered down 10X :)
Cabernet King (1 month ago)
domperrier I actually bought a bottle from Neiman Marcus!
domperrier (2 months ago)
+Cabernet King Perhaps on eBay. The very bottle in the video is available for sale if you want it =)
Christopher Fairfield (2 years ago)
Thank u for the video very informated i ordered a bottle today.......Another fact is that all the bee's on the bottle are to honor How napoleon bonaparte's treasure chest.... I read that on Guerlain's website... my father use to wear this he passed away last week... :( i bought it to honor him. I miss him....
I bought one today, i am in love with it!! Just wish it lasted a little longer, the opening fragrance is stunning
SONICE69 (6 years ago)
good for you- i enjoyed that!
domperrier (7 years ago)
@MyMickers Thanks for watching!
MyMickers (8 years ago)
Very cool bottle! Awesome stuff

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