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56K ft. Bejay - Save A Prayer (Official Video HQ)

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Text Comments (10)
No One In Particular (2 years ago)
Rascunho (3 years ago)
Who owns the rights to that clip? Can I upload to my channel (non-profit)
Seany Griffy (5 years ago)
this is the LMC remix!!!
Razer1103 (6 years ago)
She's not really that pretty... too much makeup, and her face has almost no skin.
Marc Koster (7 years ago)
Good song but the quality sucks.....
SylverGirl (8 years ago)
This remix is more emotional than original of Duran Duran. Covers are to show to the old artist that song could be more batter!
fraguzz (9 years ago)
buddy (9 years ago)
i agree with u
fraguzz (9 years ago)
no luck there.. sorry go play with some one else ;-)
fraguzz (10 years ago)
she isent pretty... sorry. and i like the song but there is a ver. that sounds mutch like this thats better..

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