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(details below) INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/demi.rawling/ SNAPCHAT - demirawling DEPOP - demirawling EMAIL - [email protected] FRAGRANCES MENTIONED - 12. Maison Francis Kurkdjian "Oud Satin Mood" - https://www.luckyscent.com/product/49840/oud-satin-mood-by-maison-francis-kurkdjian 11. Tom Ford "Noir de Noir" - https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/private-blend-noir-de-noir-by-tom-ford-17246/ 10. Maison Lancôme "Lavandes Trianon" - https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/lavandes-trianon-by-lancome-306361/ 9. Serge Lutens "Un Bois Vanille" - https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/un-bois-vanille-by-serge-lutens-18388/ 8. Amouage "Sunshine" https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/amouage-sunshine-by-amouage-302820/ 7. Montale "Intense Cafe" - https://www.luckyscent.com/product/35448/intense-cafe-by-montale 6. Van Cleef & Arpels "Orchidee Vanille" https://www.luckyscent.com/product/50201/orchidee-vanille-by-van-cleef-and-arpels 5. Mugler "Angel Muse" - https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/angel-muse-refillable-by-thierry-mugler-303908/ 4. By Kilian "Back to Black" - https://www.luckyscent.com/product/42522/back-to-black-by-by-kilian 3. Christian Dior "Feve Delicieuse" - https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/feve-delicieuse-by-christian-dior-305902/ 3. Guerlian "Tonka Imperiale" - https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/tonka-imperiale-by-guerlain-307053/ 2. M.Micallef "Vanille Orient" - https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/collection-vanille-orient-by-m-micallef-17410/ 1. Maison Lancôme "Oud Bouquet" https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/oud-bouquet-2016-by-lancome-307005/ MUCH LOVE X
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Kristin Ann Solien (11 hours ago)
I disliked MFK Baccarat 540 Rouge it could be considered cotton candy notes but I did not like it returned it back to boutique for Kilian Back To Black. I am buying Serge “...Vanille” on Friday and maybe the orange 1. I like hearing about the fancy fragrances but Jeremy F. talks about Britney Spears Fantasy lol 😂 you just have expensive tastes! Have you smelled Victor & Rolf Bonbon? These are all really a lot of money but I own at least 1 off the list lol I had a sample of SL & the vanille I can smell on back of my hand 5 hours later (yes washed). I love gourmands. You never talk about Jo Malone? I love Tonka Myrrh cologne intense. I dislike vetiver for myself. You look amazing in this video Demi! I love your eye makeup.
anna (4 days ago)
Un bois vanille smells so good at first but it's sooooo strong and a bit Too gourmand for me! It gets too sickening :/ I loved orchidee vanille, I just tried it today ! So disappointing that it doesn't last that long :(
Beatrice Robidet (12 days ago)
bonjour ! Mais vous parlez trop vite !!! Ciel !!!! Je connais ces parfums !!! Dommage !!!
clone 2k (13 days ago)
Hi there! I'm new to your channel. Is this list specifically for female or male or unisex perfumes? I'm a guy who is sucker for sweet smell such as vanilla/praline/cupcake/tonka bean etc thus why I really love gourmand perfumes. I guess I'm more gravitated towards such smell because it reminds me of the warmth and coziness of my home and my mother's cooking and it is more suitable for my playful, humorous, and homey personality. I want to know what your take is on *Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo* perfume for men? I heard that it smells a bit like tiramisu cake. Hmm I love tiramisu LOL. Have you tried it yet? Do you like it or not? And eventhough I know you don't like Angel, but what do you think about *Angel Men Pure Tonka* from Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume line? I heard this one is the sweetest (a.k.a the most cookie-like smell) among all Angel line. How do you compare it to the rest of the Angel Men perfumes?
Beauty Angel (21 days ago)
I don't think that Angel Muse (2016) is a flanker of the original Angel (1992)...It is a perfum on her own...I hate Angel, but I love Angel Muse...Another example Lancome La Nuit Tresor (2015) is not a flanker of the original Tresor (1990)
sdwejs 2ejfl (23 days ago)
why is your Angel Muse looking so large? I thought they only sell a bottle of 50ml and yours doesnt look to be 50ml. Im confused can you explain to me Demi. Thanks! i LOVE you
الح لله (22 days ago)
+sdwejs 2ejfl l don't know .
sdwejs 2ejfl (22 days ago)
+الح لله is it a refill bottle of 90ml i cant seem to find 90 ml. Im from the netherlands
الح لله (22 days ago)
There is 90.ml also
Anna Juberias (1 month ago)
Demi, looking great as always!! I adore the top you are wearing, where is it from?
Agape Love (2 months ago)
I layered Angel Muse and Sofia Vergara Love and they smell amazing together. They turn into a dry tabaco vanilla chocolate scent on me. Try them and let me know what you guys think.
Sarina Valentina (2 months ago)
I'm surprised original angel didn't make this list. I prefer it over angel muse. I can't wait to get these fragrances now 😍 obsessed.
Rebecca St.Germain (2 months ago)
Weird request: could you please do a retro fragrance list best of.......like Organza, Organza Indecense, and Amarige by Givenchy. Please, please, please, and thank you! Love you❤️
Melle C (3 months ago)
You say about every vanilla scent it is your favorite. 😂
Miss954 (3 months ago)
I’ve been on the hunt for long lasting high end gourmands... I love gourmands but most of them are less expensive and don’t last very long. I can’t wait to give some of these a try!
Nicole Irwin (3 months ago)
Can you make a video of your top layered scents? Please and thank you!
Susan Hoekstra-Julien (3 months ago)
Again l bought another 2 bottles of perfume on your recommendations Amouage Honor and Maison Lancome Lavandes. Thank you.
Can u review Top Oud" perfume for men
Billy Gin (3 months ago)
I watched a few of your videos and found them very inspiring. I just did not know, if we have the same taste im perfumes. You commented a lot of perfumes as sweet and I thought to myself "oh no, she is one of those Thierry-Mugler-Angel-Lovers" ... But now I heard you saying, that you do not like it and I love you for that!! There are so many women out there who seem to bath in "Angel" and you can smell it even if they are 15 meters away. I totally agree with you about Dior's "Addict". Next I will be trying to test "Oud bouquet", although it seem hard to get in Austria.
Ageless Glamour (3 months ago)
Is oud bouquet the same as the unisex or l’autre? I’m confused.
Ulyana Heward (3 months ago)
I disagree about the 2 camps when it comes to Oud Bouquet. To me it’s a beautiful, not at all medicinal, oud with a jammy rose. It’s beautiful and it is one of my favorites. However, neither oud nor rose is edible and no amount of sweetness could make this a gourmand. It belongs to the group of oriental fragrances.
Ulyana Heward (3 months ago)
I don’t think Satin Mood and Noir de Noir are gourmands. Satin mood is sweet, yes, but it has nothing in it that reads as edible. I believe that’s the prerequisite for a gourmand scent. I also understand that scents are very subjective and what your skin pulls out of a scent might be quite different from me. Noir de Noir is def not a gourmand by any stretch of the imagination. Is it beautiful? Sure. I don’t get sweet from it. To me it’s a very heavy, oily rose at a cemetery- probably the Patchouli lending that dark soil note in there . On a lighter note, I love the way you talk about fragrances. I have only been into niche about 2 yrs so still lots to smell :)) I have ordered $100 worth of samples from LuckyScent, half of those based on your reviews 👍🏻😬
Carrie Miranda (3 months ago)
When u wear oud bouquet how much do u wear(sprays) and where do u put it? (Neck, clothing)I just bought some and love it.
Suzan (4 months ago)
I haven’t tested the Lancome Oud Bouquet.I recently purchased Maison Oud Ambroisie. The department store I went to did not have the Oud Bouquet. Do you own or have tested any others in this collection? If you have tested others is Oud Bouquet your favorite from this line?
Jenelly (4 months ago)
I did a thing.. went and bought angel muse because you said is unique and mind blowing. And guess what? IT IS, is nutella in a bottle. I LOVE IT. Thank you Demi.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤗 Next is Tonka Imperiale 😏
batonbeauty (4 months ago)
What does gourmand mean?
batonbeauty (4 months ago)
+Krystal Watrous thanks!
Krystal Watrous (4 months ago)
batonbeauty like a sweet dessert scent
Gail Myers (4 months ago)
Another amazing video!!! Wish I could afford these ...too pricey 😟
bla blola (4 months ago)
in love with your fragrance reviews <3 such a beautiful and charismatic girl <3 can you tell me if CLUB DE NUIT INTENSE long lasting ?
Any ITMZ (4 months ago)
FitFatBrittRNY (5 months ago)
New sub here, I have been binge watching your videos! What did you say the dupe for Tom Ford was
Akash Sitapara (5 months ago)
Infamousjas (5 months ago)
I just bought angel muse and I’m so disappointed😢 I don’t get the hazelnut Nutella smell... it smells masculine and woody lol it’s a weird smell but I’m not getting the gourmand vibe
Krys Riner (6 months ago)
I'd love to see a video of the worst perfumes you have ever smelled, the most generic basic and overrated perfumes
شمس الشموس (6 months ago)
العجوز المصري أقسم بالله العظيم انك شفار و الله شاهد علي انت وحمادة لانك ارسلتم اي اللصوص والمجرمين و حسدتموني و لم تساعدوني واستغربت لمادا يجب ان اضل اشتغل على الرغم مني و استعبدوني و ارعبوني مؤامراتكم و مافياتكم وانا ضعيفة
Aya Safwat (6 months ago)
Demi can you please compare mancera roses vanille to montale intense cafe ? Since i have the roses vanille one but i wanted to know if the coffee note makes a great difference in intense cafe or they are smelling nearly the same , although i want to know if the coffee note here is similar to it in black opium for example or it smells like straight coffee beans ?
Kyle Stevens (6 months ago)
Can a guy wear Oud Bouquet?
Kilo Gone (6 months ago)
Personally i like Fève way more than others on the list. Strong with presence and yet very cozy to wear and other peoples around the wearer. And the most special things about Fève is the sillage. Yes it’s powdery, but airy and never becoming a smoke powdery bomb. And around that powdery sillage, there’s a string of sweetness from pralines and vanilla lingering around. What an incredibly beautiful blend...
Michael Fighter (7 months ago)
If anyone thinks.these are too expensive try and find a clone. Also pud satin mood is amazing!
starry moon27 (7 months ago)
For the UN Bois vanilla it said it had a black licorice note (not my fave) do you pick up any of that when you smell it or is it just more a disapating top note ?
Sophie Chan (7 months ago)
I really love your perfume vid <3 , i bought Guerlain Tonka Imperiale as a personal treat last Christmas, I will definitely check other references. You can also check Louis Vuitton fragrances, "Contre moi" and "Matière noire" are very stunning. Gourmand (with coffee, vanilla, tonka for "Contre moi") and fruity (for "Matière noire"). Both are very elegant/comforting/addictive and they last very long time in the skin...
Rich Mitch (7 months ago)
That Lancome line is gorgeous, the iris that nathalie lorson has done is immense. One of the ouds is lovely too. Un bois vannile is great because it isn't too sweet which most vanillas are
jimmy tokuzato (7 months ago)
I love your taste, it is easy for me to decide what to buy next. I subscribed to your channel.
Jamie Elliott (7 months ago)
Nice video! Demi. You are Beautiful. I just subscribed. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your videos and it's awesome that you review Men's fragrances also.
Rox R (8 months ago)
POROBIĆ ART (8 months ago)
Hello Demi from Bosnia. Tell me i never try any of MFK frags. Is that Oud Satin Mood so good or soooo sooo gooood! I WANT THAT ONE UFFF. Hahahahha.
Ladonna Teverbaugh (8 months ago)
Hi Demi love your videos. What are your top 10 niche perfumes?
Pernille Lindvig (8 months ago)
Hi! Where do you get Tonka Imperial and Feve?
Demi Rawling (7 months ago)
Pernille Lindvig Hi love! - sorry for my late response! I got mine from FeelingSexy.com.au ❤️
Daniel Palmer (8 months ago)
Not to be pedantic, but it's an FYI Mugler is pronounced "Mooglere" Only know this as I've had a meeting with some of the Mugler team. Hope this helps! I'll back you with Intense Café smelling great, wearing this today.. pure sweet coffee on me!
Paulo Galva (8 months ago)
Hi Demi I love your perfume videos! I’m Paulo from Rio 😘
Simar Wadhwa (8 months ago)
Hey Demi! I wanted to hear your opinion on la vie est belle and la nuit Tresor. I love sweet but deep gourmond scents like gold couture, so what would you suggest me between the two? :)
H D (6 months ago)
I think it would be a good idea to write them on the screen. Some of these I couldn't understand the names of because of not speaking real clearly and not being familiar with some of the names. Thank you!
Tim Hendson (8 months ago)
Can you start telling us about the longevity of these perfumes please?
Indecence (8 months ago)
Great collection
Sarah Moreno Falcón (8 months ago)
whats the difference betwheen oud bouquet and la nuit tresor? both are from lancome and have praline... which one is more gourmand amd delicious?
Oulie fossette (9 months ago)
hello demi i m soo glad i find your chanel you should try : givenchy live irresistible "eau de parfum" and "eau delicieuse" scandal by JP gaultier la nuit tresor a la folie and euphoria by calvin klein (not gourmand) love from france
josephine9975 (9 months ago)
I want you and Jeremy fragrance to collaborate.
Nesrine Ahniche (9 months ago)
Dear Demi, i am Nesrine from Algeria and want to tell you that I like so much your videos and suggestions...and I have one suggestion for you: plum japonais Tom Ford 😉
Pablo Aguirre (9 months ago)
Based on your gourmand taste, you should try Mamluk by Xerjoff
Isi Miracle (9 months ago)
your perfume videos are amazing!!! I have to save a lot of money to buy all these perfumes you mentioned 😅🙈
Jonasemi19 (9 months ago)
Hey Demi, do you have any favorite amber fragrances for women? Amber is probably my favorite note in perfume, but I feel like many brands don't do a lot of amber. Any suggestions? Thanks!💙
I do random stuff (9 months ago)
How do I get a GF like you?
Ivan Skinner (9 months ago)
Finally someone from OZ, I look forward for more. Cheers
Ivan Skinner (9 months ago)
myer, david jones way to expensive for retail, do u hv any recommendation, and do you have any tried and tested online website, thanks.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Ivan Skinner I know right - we need more Aussies on YouTube 🙋🏼 Thank you for your support - MUCH LOVE ❤️
Abdulrhman (9 months ago)
Good job Demi... please as an advice please test Xerjoff fragrances like More than words...you will thank me later
Abdulrhman (9 months ago)
Demi Rawling 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thank you so much! I see your profile pic is Orto Parisi "Terroni" ! I've got a bottle of that fragrance on the way to me right now - Awesome taste! I'm definitely going to pick up some sample from Xerjoff so I'll make sure I pick up "More Than Words" ! Thanks for the heads up - MUCH LOVE X
BurgundyandBlue1111 (9 months ago)
I own bottles of a couple of these (Amouage Sunshine for Women and Angel Muse). They are both great, but I would rank Sunshine higher on my list than Muse. I am nursing a sample of MFK Oud Satin Mood and, for sure, when that sample runs out I will get a full bottle. I think that is in my top 5 right now. Some say MFK's best is Baccarat Rouge 540 but I have worn both and Oud Satin Mood is better to me. The more I smell it the more I enjoy it. From your list, the one I am most interested in smelling is Montale Intense Cafe. I do not have a fragrance with a good coffee note in my collection (and I love that smell). It sounds like this one could fill that gap. Thanks for sharing your favorite gourmands Demi! :)
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thank you so much! I couldn't agree more - In my opinion "Oud Satin Mood" is so much better than "Baccarat" - I'm so glad you think so too! Oo Montale "Intense Cafe" is delicious! Don't sleep on it! i'm planning to pick it up asap! MUCH LOVE X
Alexander Ratliff (9 months ago)
Too long. I’d still watch you forever 😘
Kristina Issa (9 months ago)
Demi, plz u gotta try "Delina" by Perfums de Marly. Im 99.99% sure you will love it :)
star lopak (5 months ago)
Its her No.1 now lol
Elizabeth O (8 months ago)
Delina is my fave of the Parfums de Marly line... And the bottle is pretty 😁
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Oo I still haven't tried out "Delina" but i'll definitely track down a sample! Thanks beautiful! MUCH LOVE X
Sarah Callahan (9 months ago)
****Video Topic Request**** --> Best fragrances by age groups: 20-year-olds vs 30-year-olds vs 40-year-olds, etc. I'm new to perfumes and I've ordered samples that were highly recommended that turned out to be either too old or too young for me. (You know it when you smell it.} The issue is many reviewers say this or that perfume is for "young" people or "mature" people, but what does that even mean? I feel like I'm somewhere between those two extremes. Could you do a video, perhaps one for each age group, recommending perfumes for persons that are those ages? Or an age range for various best perfumes? It could be called something like "Best 10 Perfumes for 30-year-olds" etc. I am in my 30s, so I am in particular curious to know which perfumes would be most appropriate for someone like me in various situations: work, dates, going out, etc. Perhaps there are even perfumes that transcend age and are good for anyone. I don't know. I'm very open to suggestions. :) Thanks!
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Ill add that to my list of videos to film! Thank you for your comment Sarah! MUCH LOVE X
kylee Anderson (9 months ago)
The sunshine perfume sounded good until you said it should be for a cabbage patch doll because I used to hate the smell of them😂
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Haha...It doesn't smell like cabbage patch dolls but I think if someone made a fragrance inspired by cabbage patch dolls, Amouage "Sunshine" would be it! MUCH LOVE X
John Wen (9 months ago)
dangerous list for men tks demi! Ur taste brilliant!
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thank you so much! MUCH LOVE X
John Wen (9 months ago)
pls make the compliment " through the roof list " Also 80% of female appreciate ~~fresh sexy scent~~ on their significant other , could your make a list like this for men! Tks demi
Kavya (9 months ago)
Try out 'La Douceur de Siam' by Dusita. I discovered it recently and fell head over heels in love with it ❤️ Also, I LOVE Back to Black from By Kilian. It's the only fragrance I wear for my night outs 🙌
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
"La Doceur de Siam" is on my wishlist! I can't wait to pick up a bottle - I agree "BTB" is so sexy and powerful! MUCH LOVE X
Pavlína Janíčková (9 months ago)
Demi please, we NEED to see your perfume collection! ❤️
MinSweetSuga (9 months ago)
I purchased Angel Muse and OMG I must say is the most horrible fragrance I own, hands down one of the worst fragrance ever made it put me off for all Mugler fragrance. Im glad the gift set was on sale for £32 only or else I would have cried.
Smells Like... (9 months ago)
Killer list! This is Josh Hoke on my new fragrance channel I Started!
Smells Like... (9 months ago)
Demi Rawling aw thank you Demi! Means the world!!
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thanks for stopping by Josh! I've subbed to your new channel - All the best with your future videos, you're going to be awesome! MUCH LOVE X
Tiffany Turner (9 months ago)
When you mentioned winter I thought you were saying "Utah". I was wondering if you were in the US.
Ultra viulet (9 months ago)
OMG I wanna buy them ALL!!😭
manda d (9 months ago)
Great picks! I love and have many of these. I'd suggest smelling un bois vanille and pink sugar against each other. I've always thought of un bois vanille as a slightly more grown up and luxe version of pink sugar (though I wouldn't call them dupes.)
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Oo I haven't compared those before! I agree - "Un Bois Vanille" definitely is a grown up vanilla, which I love! It doesn't smell juvenile, its a grown up delicious fragrance! MUCH LOVE X
Jenna Grace Kalin (9 months ago)
10thumbs down?? Can I say JEALOUSY LOL y our so pretty today ahhh love your outfit and your big eyes😊 watching now
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Aw! Hey Jen xx Haha I honestly don't mind the thumbs down as long as people don't leave mean comments! Hope you're doing well beautiful! MUCH LOVE X
Juliett Irina (9 months ago)
Hi Demi, I would love to watch your entire fragance collection on a video.😍 Thanks to your videos I've purchased beautiful and excellent fragrances.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for trusting me! MUCH LOVE X
cobra10a (9 months ago)
They all sound great, enjoyed the descriptions. Love TF NdN for evenings out. It is delicious. 👍🏻
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thanks you so much! I couldn't agree more - MUCH LOVE X
lovepotionsinc (9 months ago)
Everything sounds so yummy! I've been looking for a gourmand so this was right up my alley and almost all the scents here were on my wishlist to try. Really enjoy your fragrance videos. You just got a new subscriber. :D P.s. Mugler is pronounced Moo-glair. :)
lovepotionsinc (9 months ago)
Even though he's French, Thierry Mugler's family is originally from Austria, so it's an Austrian surname. Can't wait to see your next video! You're a joy to watch. :)
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thank you so much! Gourmands are my absolute favorite - Thanks for the heads up, I hear so many different pronunciations so thanks for letting me know! MUCH LOVE X
Jodi Peacock (9 months ago)
Yum! So many that of course I haven’t heard of. They all sound delicious. Thanks for another wonderful video 💕
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thanks Jodi! Definitely get your nose on a few of these, I think you'll love them! MUCH LOVE X
Nagy Timea (9 months ago)
I had a sample of Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille and I also very liked this fragrance, however to me the longevity and the sillage was quite weak. But you are right, it is a very lovely fragrance. I have not tried the others from your list. :)
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Oo I love "Un Bois Vanille" - I'm actually wearing it today! The longevity on me is amazing, all of the Serge Lutens fragrances seem to be beast mode haha... MUCH LOVE X
Raf Tash (9 months ago)
Demi, review aqua beyond by Klim. Its amazing!!!
Raf Tash (9 months ago)
Demi Rawling im surprised it wasn't in your video since it's only $20 at chemist warehouse. Apparently the flanker aqua beyond deep blue is also very good according to reviews
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
I'll check it out! Thanks for the heads up - MUCH LOVE X
Parichay Ghosh (9 months ago)
Just great mam! Got to know about sweet gourmondish aromas from you. Must say you have some unique brands in your kitty. Will like to hear more unknown brand houses from you. Cheers!
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for stopping by! MUCH LOVE X
emmanuel cervantes (9 months ago)
Demi send me a kiss please...
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Andrew Achal (9 months ago)
Beast mode! Bay Area slang traveling
Josa Calzado (9 months ago)
OMG girl! All the fragrances that you mentioned are on my wish list 😂👍 mfk oud satin mood & kilian btb are hands down 🙌🏿 Btw, i know you’re from Australia and there’s an australian niche house that gets so much love from the fragrance community😍 Fort & manle and i really wanna get a sample of fort & manle charlatan, fort & manle maduro.... hope you can get your hands on this house and tell us your thoughts 😘😘😘 greetings from the Philippines 🇵🇭 🤗🤗🤗
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
You have awesome taste! I've sampled all the fragrances from Fort and Manle and WOW - I pretty much loved every single fragrance I sampled but I definitely want to pick up a bottle of "Charlatan" & "Impressions de Giverny" ! MUCH LOVE X
Victoria Lawrence (9 months ago)
Here we go. Going to be broke again. Haha.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
haha...I can relate :') MUCH LOVE X
Dilpreet Sekhon (9 months ago)
Yesssss!!! This is what I wanted. Thank you.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thanks beautiful! MUCH LOVE X
Danny Capristo (9 months ago)
Making a video while feeling sick is definitely admirable. Hope you get well soon. Interesting choices, by the way.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thank you Danny! Wishing you a great week - MUCH LOVE X
Demi can we pleaseeeeeeeee have a frangrance collection vid? And then makeup collection vid? 🤗😘
Andi Andrei (9 months ago)
Beautiful list....you should also smell Arabie from Serge Lutens.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Andi Andrei "Arabie" is on my wish list! Such a gorgeous fragrance from SL 👌🏻 MUCH LOVE ❤️
Jacen Starheart (9 months ago)
Jacen Starheart (9 months ago)
I bet you smell Fabulous Demi, so sorry if i sound a bit creepy, love your channel Demi! 💜
Jacen Starheart (9 months ago)
Wow! I'm Much Obliged and you are Most Kind Demi, Appreciate it! 😉👌 MUCH LOVE ❤
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Jacen Starheart Aw! Not creepy at all 😌 I do own some delicious fragrances so I do have to admit, I smell pretty good haha 😜 MUCH LOVE ❤️
michael oles (9 months ago)
michael oles (8 months ago)
haha....i live in Medellin Colombia The city of eternal spring...THE COLDEST is 15 c at night 29 in day all year round. i am getting to point temperatures and fragrances are not consequential as the heavier ones such as Jovoy and Lubin interest me.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
michael oles Oo "Oud Bouquet" is something special! 😍👌🏻 I'd say a normal winter day in AUS is around 15C - Im a sook when it comes to the cold 😂 my Aussie ass can't handle anything under 20C 👀 MUCH LOVE ❤️
Aton Apostol (9 months ago)
Thanks for accommodating our request.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Aton Apostol MUCH LOVE
Thomas Jacobs (9 months ago)
Awesome list!
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Thomas Jacobs Thank you so much! MUCH LOVE ❤️
Jennifer Palacios (9 months ago)
Great video! I definitely want to try a lot of these! Vanilla is one of my favorites. Can I get your recommendation on the best affordable vanilla fragrance? I want to get one for my Mom because she is OBSESSED with vanilla. Next video: best year round/signature scent fragrances!!!
Jennifer Palacios (9 months ago)
Thank you!! Keep putting out the videos! Love them all!
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Jen Thanks for your support Jen! It means a lot❤️ Some great cheap vanillas I'd recommend are - .Chopard "Casmir" .Le Couvent des Minismes Cologne of The Missions .Jessica Simpson "Fancy" MUCH LOVE ❤️
blondy2122 (9 months ago)
Omg I was literally searching for a video of a top 10 gourmand perfumes (preferably niche), and not only did I get one but it’s from my favourite perfume girl ❤️ Thx so much for this video and now have new perfumes on my shopping list😍 U rock Demi 🤘🏻👌🏻👍🏻🙌🏻
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
blondy2122 Awh! Thank you so much girl❤️ I hope you find a LOVE within my gourmand list 😌 MUCH LOVE ❤️
Just Add Light (9 months ago)
A marathon of a video Demi! Really shows how much you love gourmands. Definitely agree about that piercing honey in Back to Black. And yeah, I love Muse too ;)
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
Just Add Light Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm gourmand obsessed 😉 "Angel Muse" is an epic fragrance ! Hope you're having a great day - MUCH LOVE ❤️
GreenEyedGemini76 (9 months ago)
I purchased some samples from Luckyscent on your recommendation!! So excited to get to smell them!! 💗 Love the eye makeup. Would like to see some videos on light fresh scents for summer.
GreenEyedGemini76 (9 months ago)
Demi Rawling 💖😊
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
GreenEyedGemini76 That's awesome to hear! I hope you find a new love within your samples ❤️ Sure thing! MUCH LOVE ❤️
mysonruns (9 months ago)
So enjoyed this! I have so many to try now! I'm curious about something. Australia is in winter now right? Do your stores in the mall display winter items? For instance, Is your Bath & Body works showing their winter line? I just think its fascinating that I'm in mid Summer & you're in Winter.
Silvia L (9 months ago)
I walked past bbw today and they seem to be in the middle of releasing a new line which is Floral based. I cant remember the names but there were 3 main Floral scents. This is in Australia.
Demi Rawling (9 months ago)
mysonruns Thank you for stopping by! Yes we do 😄 I love winter because I get to wear all my fave fragrances 🙋🏼 MUCH LOVE ❤️

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