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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatchling Rescue!!!
Words cannot describe... I came across some baby sea turtle tracks one morning at the refuge and noticed many of the tracks went up into the dune instead of directly to the water. A quick search revealed several hatchlings floundering in the dune vegetation. As the acting refuge biologist, I am permitted to handle these protected turtles for purpose of rescue. This was an amazing opportunity for me to examine these amazing creatures up close and personal, a rare an priceless occurrence. These animals are protected, please do not approach them in the wild. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Captive Colony Update
Quick update for my captive ant colonies (Red Imported Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Harvester Ants). This video was actually recorded a month ago but it somehow got lost in the shuffle, so their numbers are much greater now. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Intro to Florida's Carnivorous Plants
Species Manifesto: (sorry about the crappy thumbnail...) Pinguicula lutea Yellow Butterwort Drosera capillaris Pink Sundew Drosera intermedia Sundew Utricularia juncea? Bladderwort Utricularia purpurea Bladderwort
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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting!!!
On a recent sea turtle nest survey, we came across a Loggerhead still in the process of laying eggs. The video shows the various stages as she completes her nest, including burying, packing the sand with her shell, camouflaging the nest, and finally the laborious trek back into the water. Overall, we counted 28 new nests, of which one was a Leatherback, and 28 false crawls. That means nearly 60 turtles came up into our 3 mile stretch of beach in just one night! Those are some impressive numbers...
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Florida Box Turtle!
This is the first time we've found a Florida Box Turtle since moving to Florida. He's a beauty of a specimen, large and healthy. Did I find it out in the woods? No, he was walking next to the parking lot. Sometimes it seems we find more critters crossing the parking lot than we do out wandering the wilds. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Toad Invasion!!!
Shocked by the number of non-native Marine Toads seen during my nightly neighborhood walks, we decide to perform a census to discover to what degree they have replaced our native species, like the Southern Toad. 95% Marine Toads 2% Southern Toads (native) 3% Oak Toads (native) Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Pelican Rescue!!
We notice a pelican in distress outside and decide to investigate. He has become entangled in fishing line and is near exhaustion. After we capture him and cut loose the lines, my father, a retired veterinarian, inspects for broken bones and fishing lures.
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Least Tern Nesting
We visit the protected nesting area of the Least Tern here at the Refuge. These funny little bird do not construct a nest. Rather, they lay their eggs in a shallow depression directly upon the sand, out in the open. They would seem easy pickings for predators were it not for the aggressive protection the parents provide, often chasing away birds far larger than they. The eggs and chicks both have cryptic, sandy coloration for camouflage. We also fence off the area so that people and vehicles cannot harm them. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Feeding an Orphaned Crow
Quick video. The day after our pelican rescue, this baby crow was found and given to us by a neighbor. It was weak and dehydrated, we made some baby crow chow for the little tyke and it perked right up. Once it was stable, we took it to the nearest wildlife rescue so that it could be raised properly. Another happy ending!
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Baby Xenomorph!!
The wait is over...Enjoy the complied footage of the unrelenting growth of the parasitic wasp larvae as it consumes countless paralyzed, yet very much alive, prey items. You are definitely going to want to watch this in full HD. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Baby Turtles!!!
Can you handle the cuteness as I record all 14 unique shell patterns? Which turtle has the best face on it's belly (plastron)? Music: "I Hate Onions" by MODIFICA7E
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Softshell Turtle Survives Bobcat
We followed some bobcat tracks and they led to a scratched up softshell turtle that escaped being kitty food last night.
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Pseudoscorpion and Carnivorous Plants!
A teeny tiny pseudoscorpion hangs out for a bit and we spot some Pink Sundews, a type of carnivourous plant.
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Parasitic Wasps!!!
The majority of wasp species do not live in social colonies. Instead, many of these solitary types are actually parasitic in their larval form. The Black and Yellow Mud Dauber is a common species in our area. An egg is laid and enclosed in a mud cell which has been packed with paralyzed spiders by the mother before she completely abandons the nest. The examination of several mud nests reveals an amazing fractal of parasites. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Toad Sex!!!
As promised...Toad sex! We find a very confused Southern Toad attempting to mate with a Cane Toad (Marine Toad), (Bufo Toad), whatever you prefer to call them, as well as a pair of Cane Toads engaged in amplexus. There's your word of the day...Amplexus. Enjoy... Coming up next week: Wild baby pigs! Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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The Blob!!!...Project
Here we present to you an organism seemingly from another world! The amoebocyte! The Blob! Was it sampled from a fallen meteorite? Did it ooze from some foul death-filled crack in the earth? Is it a scourge, come to consume all life in it's path?! ...nah, it's just a cute little slime mold. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Green Jumping Spider Close-Up!
We find a Magnolia green jumping spider and spend a few getting acquainted. If you watch in HD you can see it's eyes moving inside it's head!!
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Nepenthes Update
An update on my Nepenthes x ventrata growth... with the HD camera!
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Snake Climbing Palm
Quick, non HD video of a Yellow Rat Snake climbing a palm tree.
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Close Encounters of the Eighth Kind!!!
I caught this octopus while skin diving, tho at times it seemed more like he caught me. Those tentacles and suction cups are surprisingly strong for such a small animal. Being able to witness the instantaneous color and texture change was absolutely incredible!
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Transplanting Surprises!
While repotting some plants, a few stowaways jumped ship. One hatchling skink with brilliant colors, and one of the tiniest species of snake, the flowerpot or worm snake. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Snake on a Porch
The Wild intrudes! Black Racer snuck into our porch, the cats were fascinated...
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Giant Insects and Wooden Constructions!
Quick video of my two new hangouts, the bird cage and the shelter. I've been spending my time running around the woods like R.C. mapping my territory and such. Then I went back to find a giant grub I had found a couple days ago. Spoiler alert: Score! Gong to try to get him to pupate at home, probly a small rhinoceros beetle larva.
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Ant Project Updates!
Check out the development in our captive colonies of Fire Ants and Harvester Ants. The Fire Ants are pumping out workers at full steam and the Harvesters have their first larvae hatch. Awwwwww...So cute!! Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Return of TurtleCam!!
We dust off the TCam and send it down a nice clear tunnel, gonna need some extra lights next time. Also there's a spider...he eats something. Previous TurtleCam vids: http://youtu.be/PIVFpE0AcO0 http://youtu.be/ZxsvSfMUNhY
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Check out this bizarro-bug! Vinegaroons, aka whiptail scorpions, are not venomous, despite their fearsome appearance. However, they do possess glands at the base of their tail that can directionally squirt acetic acid, or vinegar, hence the name. Their claws cannot pinch either, rather, the many spines are only good for grasping small prey and for excavating their tunnels. You can see the excavating behavior in the video. These animals are arachnids, having four pair of walking legs. Vinegaroons, however, have adapted the first pair of legs into long antennae-like feelers that they are constantly moving and probing about. This awesome creature was actually found in a friends kitchen here in sunny Southern Florida. I held on to it for a few days for observation, then released it back to the wild. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Yellow Ratsnake
Quick video, we find a Yellow Ratsnake along the road. Beauty, eh?
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Desk Full O' Ants!
Moving a desk inside my Refuge Quarters, I find that it contains a thriving colony of Carpenter Ants. I love ants, but prefer to not have them free-roaming my home. Unfortunately, I never found the queen. She's out there...somewhere... Coming soon... A tour of the Refuge! Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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August 22nd: I'm Back/Baby Anole
An explanation as to the recent drought of videos, and a quick bit on a Cuban Anole hatchling. http://youtu.be/0Ve5CjriUAw Rat snake climbing palm tree.
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UPDATE: Filmed new growth with HD camera. See it here: http://youtu.be/vp1QI9-Js6Y This plant is called a Nepenthes, It's a tropical carnivorous plant. Yes!..It eats small animals like insects! Here I show off how well my pitcher plant is doing in the Florida sun. Soon I shall have to start feeding it stray cats or unruly children.... I also mention my plans to start a fun documentary program on YouTube. Well, I got my new name and channel after an initial practice run, and I've got a ton of videos I've taken on my phone, so I have a cache to load from while I work out the plans for the actual show. I'll be making videos with my phone unfortunately until I can get a decent camcorder, but it's all building towards something. So enjoy! Thanks for visiting Gonzo Wild.
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Saga of the Hatchlings
This video comes in two parts because the videos were filmed in two different formats and my editing program isn't fancy enough to combine them. Click the box at the end of video.
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Alien Blob Close-Up!
We find a strange alien life form on the beach and invigorate it with water. Naturally it responds by oozing bright purple goo on us... This one is a bit long because I was mesmerized by the creature's undulations, skip to the end for the close-up.
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Stupid Turkey...
Stupid Turkey doesn't understand the concept of a fence...stupid, delicious turkey...mmm.
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Baby Gopher Tortoise!
Haven't uploaded anything in some time, I've been so busy at the preserve, but this government shutdown has allowed some time off. Found this little cutie in our backyard in the preserve. More videos to follow, next up is...toad sex!!! Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Saga of the Hatchlings: Part 2
The continuation of our baby red-eared slider turtle experience. Footage of the release!! If your connection can handle it, watch in HD.
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Baby Bobcat sighting!!!
via YouTube Capture
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Gonzo Wild First Episode
Update: Wow, we've certainly come a long way. I apologize for the cussing and terrible camera presence... it's been a learning experience people! I still love the intro, tho... I head into Seabranch State Park in an attempt to relocate the Screech Owls, find some cool stuff, and finally bliss out to some harvester ants. Tell me what you think in the comments and subscribe!
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Subterranean Monsters!
We wrangle a burrowing wolf spider, get chased by a giant centipede, herd some cute baby grasshoppers, and observe some wasp-mimic beetles frolicking about. More turtle videos coming soon!!
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Cane Toads Whisper Sweet Nothings
Love is in the air for Bufo marinus here in Southern Florida.
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Our Babies Hatched!!
UPDATE: We did find two Red-eared Sliders after all, the male is just very reclusive. So...They are Red-eared Sliders! Check out the turtle update here: http://youtu.be/BPZ3Jjkt_pk We rescued 14 freshwater turtle eggs from becoming an omelet for crows about two months ago. I made a makeshift incubator for them and the first turtle heads started poking out (see what I did there?) a few days ago. Today, all the turtles have broken their shells, 100% survival rate...not bad. Most are already out of their eggs and moving about the container. They are still in the process of absorbing the yolk, but as soon as that's done they can go into a tank to swim around like little adorable green hockey pucks. Who knows how long they will last once released with all the Egrets and Herons stalking the ponds and streams? But, I like to think I've given them a slightly better chance of survival out there in the wild than they would have fared in the crow's digestive tract...
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Smallest and Biggest
This month we captured not only the smallest yellow rat snake we've ever seen, but also the largest specimen we've ever caught. We've put both videos together for your viewing pleasure. Also, testing the new outro with contact info. What do you think? Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Wild Baby Pigs!!!
Ahhh...another lovely morning in the refuge. Insects buzz about, birds flit to and fro, and a family of wild pigs strolls through the backyard with little piglets in tow. They are adorable...and delicious! Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Hammock Jaunt
We take another trip to Paleo Hammock State Park where we see a camera shy owl, a couple species of treefrog, and of course, an awesome selection of bugs. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Close Encounter of the Slithery Kind
Quick video of a very large Yellow Rat Snake that gets up close and personal. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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The Tenacity of Life
Our wanderlust is back with a vengeance now that our ankle is healed... We explore the swampy side of the preserve today, admire the tenacity of life, and make friends with some awesome insects. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Parisitoid Wasp Diggin!!
Sweet detail on a parasitoid wasp digging a brood chamber. She dropped the wasp she was planning on stashing there when I walked up.
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Monumental Montage!!!
We compiled some of our sweetest shots into an awesome montage! Enjoy!!! All video was captured by me. Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com
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Coral Snake Sighting!!!!
We come across a Coral Snake on the way out of the preserve, unfortunately I only got limited video of it as I lost it in the brush. Of all the days to not have gloves... grrr
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July 18th: Creatures In My Home
I introduce you to the creatures that I cohabitate with, but Windows Movie Maker is being a jerk and I can't get my narration to overlay. Sorry for the quiet bits :p My cats: Fargo (all black), Baby (b+w), and Simian (tabby). My brother's cat, Joey. Others: The killer Tokay Gecko, Flat Rock Scorpion, Emperor Scorpion. And baby turtles!! Oh, and I masturbate my girlfriends cat to stop her heat cycle. Blech!!
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Feasting on a Cheesesteak
Update: I was going to delete this early video, as it has nothing to do with nature, but nah... Instead I apologize for the cussing. With the success of my tortoise cam this morning, I escape the heat with a legendary cheese steak hoagie from the Whistle Stop. I haven't had one in over 6 months so things get a bit emotional...
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