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New Born, Baby Sea Turtles Race to the Ocean!
Cozumel, Mexico - With the help of volunteers, we safely release 82 baby sea turtles into the Caribbean - an amazing experience!
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Playa Taroa - Punta Gallinas, Colombia
One of the happiest moments of my trip - arriving at Playa Taroa at the Northernmost Point of South America - an absolute stunning sand dune meets the Caribbean Sea - Absolutely Unbelievable.
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San Francisco El Alto - Animal Market - Outrageous
Pigs, sheep, goats, cows, ducks, roosters, hens, bunnies, puppies (yes, PUPPIES!) (for $5) for sale. Everything haggle-able. Along side second hand clothes, and fresh produce. Just outrageous!
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Helping Mexican Locals with their English Homework
I wandered into the countryside outside of Palenque, Mexico - I found a school, had a laugh and eventually helped them with their English homework conjugations. Loved this experience as much as them!
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Volcan Tajumulco - Unreal View from Top!
Appreciating every moment with 360 degree views of the highest volcano in all of Central America!
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Cliff Jumping in San Ignacio, Belize
A few locals tipped us off on a place to cliff jump after a half mile of canoeing - we tested the depths, climbed to the top, and there was no turning back. Belize cliff jumping!
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Skydive Canyonlands! - Moab, Utah
On a whim went skydiving in Moab, Utah over the weekend - such a good time!!
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Boxing in Jemaa el-Fnaa Marrakesh, Morocco
I was taking photos of the previous fight, the ringleader saw me, proceeded to ask me for money and then decided I should be the next fighter instead - I couldn't say no and boxed a local Moroccan!
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Volcan Tajumulco - Loving Life Above the Clouds
My first ever volcanic peak - Volcan Tajumulco and the highest point in all of Central America! Appreciating life above the clouds - a stunning morning!
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Volcano Tajumulco - Cloud Waterfall
Just after sunrise on the highest peak in Central America, and we experience a 'cloud waterfall'
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Traveling on top of a Chicken Bus-Watch Your Head!
When you're sitting on the roof of a chicken bus - you have to be wary of any and all obstacles. Here's a clip of our experience on top of a Guatemalan Chicken Bus through the country side!
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Monteverde Bungee Jumping - 143 meters!
Third highest bungee jump in the world - Monteverde, Costa Rica. By all means.... I hope you're laughing at me while watching this...
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Local Guatemalan Life & Buying Bicycles
A combination of a test ride of our bicycles to be and a run in with the locals in small town, Guatemala - San Andres Iztapa
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Gobble Gobble - Massive Turkey's on the Attack!
wandering Palenque, Mexico - I ran into these turkeys - I have never seen a bird so big in my life! I cracked up the whole time they 'gobbled at me'
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Shotover Canyon Swing - 109m Gainer - Queenstown, New Zealand
My first canyon swing, ringing in my 30th birthday the right way!
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San Fran Market - Pigs, Cows, Chickens - Hilarious
This cracks me up no matter how many times I watch it. The ridiculousness of Guatemalan markets.
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Semuc Champey - El Sumidero!
El Sumidero at Semuc Champey, where water rushes beneath the tranquil pools, and from above the pools are fed. Unbelievably powerful - what a site!
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The Completion of 80 Mile El Mirador Hike!!
80 miles, 5 days of jungle hiking, spending the "End of the World" on top of the largest pyramid in the world, on the largest ever Mayan Civilization and we finally finished - here is our reaction!
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14m - 45' Cenote Cliff Jump - Valladolid, Mexico
Zaci Cenote in Valladolid, Mexico - I couldn't resist the urge to do this cliff jump - it was about 14m, ~45' The cenote's 'shallow end' was 30m (90') and deep end 100m (330')!
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First Hill Bicycling Across Guatemala
Picked up our bicycles, biking back to Antigua and documenting the journey! Follow along at www.KyleGoesGlobal.com
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Nevis Swing
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Pick Up Truck Ride to Semuc Champey
This was the smooth part of the ride from Lanquin to Semuc Champey. There were 22 of us in the back of the pick up truck. Just another day in Guatemalan transport.
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Riding Atop A Guatemalan Chicken Bus!
There is no better view of Guatemala than from the top of a Chicken Bus, 360 degree views of everything! Yes, even Chicken Buses can apparently be "full" inside...thus, we rode on top - Incredible!!
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Palenque Jungle Howler Monkeys
While hiking in the jungle of the Palenque Ruins - the Howler Monkeys were loud as can be!
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Baby Sea Turtles - A New Life in the Sea!
The newly hatched sea turtles make it to the sea - check this out as they first get to the ocean and begin their arduous youth - buena suerte mis amigos! Cozumel, Mexico
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Agua Azul Waterfalls - Video #1
Beautiful Agua Azul Cascadas in Chiapas, Mexico
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San Francisco El Alto Market - Part 1
The beginning of the market, the animals prepping to be sold later in the day. Pigs squealing, roosters trying to fly away, but tied to eachother, and the hectic chicken buses and microbuses!
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Costa Rican Waterfall Slide!
A natural water slide within a waterfall outside of Uvita, Costa Rica!
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The Plant that "Closes" when you touch it
Tikal, Guatemala - This plant closes its leaves when you touch it - so cool!
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Laying Out for the Kawarau Bridge Bungy
43m Kawarau Bridge Bungy - the first ever in the world
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Rope Swing into Lake Peten - Flores, Guatemala!
Took a lancha (small boat) to someone's house on the lake that has a rope swing and we spent an hour or so going higher and higher, swinging farther and farther and faster and faster!
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Stuck Upside Down on an African Carnival Ride...
Here's how we felt after being stuck upside down at a carnival in Africa while avoiding two inch screws sticking out from the seat in front of me and everyone's pocket change raining down....
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Georgia Ledge
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Howler Monkey's Loud as can be in the Belize Zoo
The Belize Zoo was formed for injured animals in the wild who can no long survive or who were born into captivity - this is their home.
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Lamanai Ruins
My first rain storm in the rain forest while wandering the ancient Mayan Ruins of Lamanai, Belize. A great day trip from Orange Walk!
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Javelin on an empty beach in Caye Caulker
We went exploring north of "The Split" in Caye Caulker, found a deserted beach, and I went javelin throwing with a piece of bamboo
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Underwater Tour of Palencar Beach, Cozumel
Snorkeling on the west side of Cozumel, Mexico
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The Chatoic San Cristobal de las Casas LocalMarket
The chaos and fun of the local market in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico
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Overlooking the 200m Crater of Volcan Telica, Nica
The crater lip of Volcan Telica, Leon, Nicaragua - 200m straight off this edge into Lava below and constant stream of sulphur rising
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Gorgeous Semuc Champey!!!...Underwater!
Going for a swim in the Semuc Champey pools! Filming underwater too!
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Volcano Boarding - 74 km/hr at Volcan Cerro Negro
Volcan Cerro Negro, Leon, Nicaragua - Radar gun clocked me at 74 km/hr !!
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El Diablo - My Bicycle for Guatemala & El Salvador
My first test ride with my bike and it actually worked - getting excited about our trip!
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Street huckin'
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Gainer (Back flip) into Lake Peten in Flores, Guat
Having fun, passing time in beautiful, Flores, Guatemala
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El Danger Zone - First Bike Breakdown
A little bit of laughing, alot of duct tape and we're back on the road. Taking everything in stride.
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